Use The Smart Garden 9 To Grow Up To 9 Plants On Your Countertop


We’re big fans of Click & Grow and their range of automated planters, which range from single-plant pots to multi-level planting shelves. Those who want to have some variety in their plants but are not quite ready for a mini-farm, the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 might make for a much better option.

A compact pot with nine separate chambers, the planter lets you grow a variety of vegetables and herbs at home, all while taking up no more space than a larger countertop appliance. Put it down on the island countertop, place it on top of the fridge, or push it to the back of a shelf – this thing shouldn’t be too hard to make room for anywhere in the house.


Like all their products, the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 uses the outfit’s Smart Soil, a proprietary material that supplies plants with all the nourishment they need, while being all-natural and biodegradable. To get things started, simply insert one of the outfit’s pods, which contain the smart soil and seeds, into the individual chambers. From there, you just fill the 1.45-gallon tank with water and plug it into an outlet – the system will take care of watering each of the chambers and turning the 10 integrated LEDs on and off to induce photosynthesis. They offer over 35 different types of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, with options for unseeded pods that you can plant on yourself.


Scheduled to ship in August, the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 is priced at $159.

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