Snapchat Spectacles: These Silly Glasses Let You Take Silly Snapchat Videos


A pair of glasses with an integrated camera isn’t really anything new. It’s a common novelty spy gadget, after all, and was a big part of the original Google Glass design. Problem is, people hate being photographed and filmed without their knowledge, making a glasses-mounted camera that may or may not be recording something many folks aren’t comfortable with. Snapchat thinks they can change that with Spectacles.

Similar to Google Glass, these tech-packing sunglasses don’t make their filming capabilities discreet, as you can clearly see the sensor on a designated section along the top edge of the frame.  Unlike Glass, though, it’s impossible to film discreetly with the glasses on, as a circular LED array on the opposite corner lights up to alert everyone that the camera is running, which should help eliminate most privacy concerns.


The Snapchat Spectacles look like an erstwhile normal pair of sunglasses, albeit with circular areas on the top corners where the electronics are installed. It comes with a 115-degree lens, allowing you a wider field of view than conventional smartphones, with all footage saved onto integrated storage right on the glasses. Oh yeah, you can’t use this to record an hour-long video. Instead, tapping on the button near the hinge prompts it to record for 10 seconds, with another tap extending it to 20 seconds and a third tap stretching it to the maximum 30 seconds.


From there, you just transfer the videos to the accompanying app over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, with all footage saved to your Snapchat Memories. Battery should last around a day of taking random snaps, with users able to check on battery level by tapping the circular light out front.

Slated to come in black, teal, and coral, the Snapchat Spectacles are priced at $130.

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