Solgaard Carry-On Suitcase Hides A Six-Level Shelf Inside For Instantly Organizing Your Stuff

It looks like any ordinary suitcase, with a telescoping handle for towing behind you and casters for rolling swiftly on the ground. Unlike your usual luggage, though, the Solgaard Carry-On Suitcase has a built-in pop-out closet that makes it easy to organize your stuff, whether you’re packing to go on a trip or just getting comfortable inside your hotel room.

Designed to solve the most “habitually time-consuming aspect of travel,” the carry-on suitcase spares you from the hassle of unpacking your luggage and organizing it in the hotel closet, only to have to pack it again when you’re ready to leave. That’s because the darn suitcase serves as its own shelf system, so your stuff is already neatly organized when you get to the hotel, all while letting you subsequently reorganize it for later as you go about your stay. Simply put, it eliminates much of the packing and unpacking chores that you will normally do.

The Solgaard Carry-On Suitcase’s showcase feature is a built-in shelving unit comprised of six pockets arranged in a vertical row where you can neatly tuck all your clothes and gear, making it easy to organize your stuff. Wouldn’t using pockets attached to a length of material be a wasteful use of luggage space? To a degree, yes, but that holds true for any kind of organization system. Plus, the pocket shelf system included in the suitcase comes with a compression, so you can still optimize the amount of space it actually ends up consuming. Do note, the outfit advises to fill each pocket only up to 70 percent full, in order to ensure the whole thing can compress at an optimal manner.

Once you get to your hotel, simply remove the shelving system out of the luggage and mount it to the suitcase’s extended telescoping arm using the compression strap. That way, all six rows of pockets are easily accessible at any time, making it easy to grab that shirt from one level, find that tie on another, or stash any dirty clothes at the lowest level. We’re guessing you can mount it to a standard closet rack, too, in case you’d rather keep the shelving system away from plain sight.

Because the Solgaard Carry-On Suitcase’s shelving system is completely removable, so you can use the suitcase much like any conventional luggage, allowing you to carry large stuff that won’t quite fit in the pockets. The suitcase itself has a highly-durable polycarbonate shell that, the outfit claims, is nearly unbreakable, so you can sit on it, jump on it, and toss it around without taking any damage. It has a three-digit TSA-approved lock that boasts capable anti-theft protection, all while sporting eight silent 360-degree spinning wheels.

Other features include an integrated USB charging system (you’ll have to add a battery source), plush grip handle for comfort, and an interior made from recycled PET bottles. The luggage comes in two sizes: 20 inches tall for international travel compliance and 22.4 inches tall for US domestic travel.

The Solgaard Carry-On Suitcase is available now.

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