Solo Stove Turns Their Ultra-Efficient Fire Pit Into A Backyard Grill

Solo stove makes some of the best portable fire pits out there, all of which sport a unique design that produces large fires, uses fuel efficiently, and generates very little smoke. It’s a big step up from your standard portable fire pit. The Solo Stove Grill takes that unique design and integrates it into a backyard barbecue rig.

A charcoal grill, it combines what appears to be a large version of the outfit’s fire pit design with circular grates, a lid, and a three-legged base, essentially turning a fire pit into a standard-looking charcoal grill. And yes, it integrates the same design they use in the fire pits, so it will barbecue your meats with the same efficiency that it uses to get you warmed up while huddling around the fire at camp.

The Solo Stove Grill has a double-wall design that allows it to contain as much heat as possible inside the enclosure, while vent holes at the lower part of the side walls pulls in air from the outside, allowing air to flow through and continuously feed the fire. According to the outfit, this airflow creates an ideal convection-heating environment that produces maximum heat from your fuel that’s then distributed evenly in the cooking area. Suffice to say, it creates optimal cooking conditions throughout, with no need to make any adjustments or dump additional fuel at any point. Just light it, preheat it, and leave your food to cook.

According to the outfit, preheating takes as little as 15 minutes, so you can start lining the grates with food in short order, while it burns through a single batch of charcoal for as long as 45 minutes, so you can cook a reasonably large dinner with just one load. With the lid on top, the outfit claims it should cook most any grilled dish faster compared to a standard charcoal grill.

The Solo Stove Grill has a cooking surface that measures 22 inches in diameter, which should be enough to pack a whole load of food in one go. Seriously, that’s large enough to cook enough steaks and burgers for a big group without having to do multiple batches. The cooking surface, by the way, is situated 28 inches off the ground, so any adult should be able to cook in this comfortably. Do note, the legs are fixed, so make sure you place the whole thing on a hard, level surface to ensure stability during cooking.

It has a removable cooking grate, charcoal grate, and ash pan, so cleaning up even after a backyard barbecue won’t be all that hard. Well… that’s the case for cleaning up the grill anyway – all the dirty dishes, broken bottles, and everything else left behind in the aftermath of a party should be a whole other thing entirely. Construction, by the way, is 304 stainless steel and cold-rolled steel, so this thing should be sturdy while packing substantial heft.

The Solo Stove Grill is now available for preorder, priced at $549.99. It ships in September.

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