HERO Portable Charcoal Grill System Packs Down To The Size Of A Laptop Case

When packed up, it looks like a small albeit thick laptop case, making it extremely easy and convenient to bring along, whether you’re looking to enjoy a picnic at the park, a rowdy night at the tailgate party, or a camping trip at the local preserve. Despite its portability, the HERO Portable Charcoal Grill System makes grilling on the go simple and clean, allowing you to enjoy grilled meats and vegetables without the usual mess.

You know those disposable grills that already have charcoal onboard, so you simply have to light up to get your cook on? It’s like that, except only the charcoal pod (which is literally a box with lumps of coal) is disposable, with the rest of the kit all perfectly reusable, so you simply have to stock on the charcoal pods to use this over many grilling sessions.

The HERO Portable Charcoal Grill System consists of a disposable charcoal pod that you set down on a table, grilling grates with fold-out non-slip legs sized to go right over it, a bamboo cutting board, and even a bamboo spatula, so most of the things you need to prep and cook your food are already in the carrying case (just add a knife and you’re set). It uses low-VOC charcoal that’s designed to light up instantly, making it easy to set up and pre-heat your grill. That charcoal, by the way, is housed inside a pod that’s 100 percent compostable, so you don’t have to worry about contributing to landfills every single time you use one up, with each pod able to provide up to a full hour of grilling time, so you can cook food in multiple batches.

The grilling grate has a non-stick ceramic-coated cooking surface that, according to the outfit, has enough room to accommodate up to eight kabobs, 12 hotdogs, six burgers, and eight chicken wings at a time, making it the ideal size when cooking even for small groups of people. It has an integrated thermometer at the front edge of the grates, allowing you to check the grill’s temperature in real time, which should be very useful when pre-heating, as you know exactly when it’s ready to start grilling. The grates, by the way, are dishwasher-safe and rust-resistant, so it requires very little maintenance.

The HERO Portable Charcoal Grill System comes in a carrying case that measures 15 x 11 x 4.5 inches (width x depth x height), making it easy to slip in a bag, throw in the car boot, or carry by hand wherever you’re going. It’s rugged and waterproof, too, so you don’t have to take great pains when taking it out in the backcountry, with the whole thing weighing just 9.4 pounds, so it adds very little heft to your stash. Plus, you can leave the components you don’t need (like the cutting board or the spatula), if you don’t want to bring them along.

The HERO Portable Charcoal Grill System is available now, priced at $139.95 for the kit, with refill charcoal pods selling for $10 apiece.

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