Someone Wrote ‘Wash Me’ On My Computer Screen!

screen-cleanerThis item caught my attention because my wife cleaned my computer screen the other day( I am very lucky that way) , and I was convinced she had secretly opened up the computer and installed a new video card or something. The display just looked much cleaner than before. Instead she had used a cool new screen cleaner. This handy thing is called the Spider Screen Cleaner and it attaches easily to the side of your computer monitor so that you can give it a quick cleaning whenever you want.

Yes, its shaped like a spider, hence the name. But be not afraid arachnophobes.  It looks more like a cute spider from Playhouse Disney than a creepy, crawly hairy thing.

The cord is retractable, so you won’t have to swat it out of the way whenever you swivel your monitor around, and it’s super easy to clean when you’re done wiping down your computer monitor.  At just $10 bucks this gadget will prove its usefulness over and over.