SPIbelt Is A Slimmer, More Efficient Fanny Pack

Unlike what its name might suggest, the SPIbelt isn’t a batgadget-like waist strap for spies.  Instead, it’s intended to read as S-P-I-belt, short for “Small Personal Items” belt.

Originally designed for runners, athletes and other active folks, it’s like a slimmer, more streamlined fanny pack.  You know, all the convenience of a pocket around the belt area with less of the accompanying tackiness.   While not entirely stylish, it’s a lot easier to obscure compared with any of your usual belt bag options.

The SPIBelt is a size-adjustable waist band with a tiny zippered pouch integrated into the strap.   When empty, the pouch looks around the same size as the rest of the band, unlike the empty bulging sack that you usually have with a fanny pack.   Despite the small dimensions, the pouch can cram a good load of stash, as it will stretch and expand to accommodate phones, cards, keys and other small items.  Since the material stretches to hold your gear, it keeps everything tight and secure.  That means there’s no bouncing around, even when you’re engaging in vigorous physical activity, like running or fighting criminal elements with SAP Gloves on.

The belts can fit waistlines between 24 and 40 inches, although rounder fellows can request larger versions.  The basic model comes in a variety of colors and styling, with special versions also available for specific needs (waterproof, larger pouch, dual pouches etc.).

If you’ve been leaving your essential stash at home during runs and workouts for lack of a suitable carrying option, the SPIbelt should definitely figure in your shortlist of stuff to try.  It’s available now, with prices starting at $19.95.