Stash Cooler: Someone Made An Inflatable Ice Box And It’s Surprisingly Awesome


The big advantage of soft coolers over rigid ones is the fact that the former can pack down into a small size after you use up its contents. That means, you can just stash it inside a bag or the glove compartment, instead of having to take up more space in the boot of your car. The Stash Cooler offers a more unique alternative.

An inflatable cooler, the ice box can fold down like any soft cooler when not in use, all while blowing up into a rigid cooler once pumped with air. Yep, it’s rigid, similar to how SUPs become rigid once inflated (drop stitches around the air chambers create a rigid surface), allowing you to use it like any traditional ice box.


The Stash Cooler comes in eight sizes, ranging from 75 to 600 quarts, ensuring there’s a suitable option whether you’re bringing a cooler to a small party or a big fishing adventure. It has a shell cut in UV-protected vinyl, ensuring it can withstand both rough handling and unfriendly weather, while Primaloft synthetic down and reflective materials provide the necessary insulation to keep its contents cold. A YKK zipper runs the entire length of the cooler’s rim, allowing you to completely zip the lid shut, while multiple handles allow you to carry the cooler in different ways.


Features include non-slip feet that double as tie down points, mesh pockets front and back, and D-rings for attaching accessories. Each one comes with a high-volume pump, so you don’t have to purchase a separate tool.

Available now, pricing for the Stash Cooler starts at $399.

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