Stoke Voltaics Nomad Cooking System Brings Electric Cooking to the Campsite

Propane has long been the fuel of choice for most camping stoves. It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it’s readily available. However, if you’re going to carry a portable power station, along with a full-featured charging system to keep it juiced for an extended stay outdoors, it might not be a bad idea to switch to electric cooking instead. That seems to be what the Stoke Voltaics Nomad Cooking System is counting on.

More than a camp stove, it puts together everything you need to cook meals using electric power as fuel. It’s all designed to pack down snugly, too, so you can carry everything in a neat pile that takes up minimal space in your RV, SUV, or whatever other ride you’re taking to the trails.

The Stoke Voltaics Nomad Cooking System consists of an electric cooktop they call the “cooking reactor,” a frying pan, a cooking pot, and a detachable handle that can be used with either of the two cooking vessels. Can you use other pots and pans with the stovetop? We’re not sure, but the odd shape (the included cooking vessels have concave sections at the bottom) probably won’t make it possible, so you have to stick with the included components.

There doesn’t seem to be a power button on the stove. Instead, the stove can detect when one of the two cooking vessels have been placed on it, then automatically sets the heat level on its own, which is shown on the display in the center of the knob, provided it’s already hooked up to a power source. There are also built0in temperature sensors that, the outfit claims, it uses to adjust heat on-the-fly for consistent cooking performance. Alternatively, you can control power manually using the same knob. According to the outfit, it has five power settings from 200W to 1000W, allowing it to be used even with smaller, low-output power stations, albeit with much slower cooking times.

The Stoke Voltaics Nomad Cooking System puts dual temperature sensors and a fuse in each of the three main components, which, the outfit claims, it uses to protect it from overheating. We’re not sure how that works (especially for the cooking vessels), but we’ll take their word for it. According to the outfit, all materials used on the system are heat-resistant up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring peak performance and safe cooking, whether you’re whipping up meals inside the RV, at the back of the SUV, or on top of a camping table at the campsite. No word on how fast it can boil a pot of water, but at 1000W, we imagine it can heat things up at a pretty solid pace.

The included handle can be used with either the included pot or pan, with a locking lever that secures it in place the whole time, allowing you to safely handle either cooking vessel while minimizing the overall packed size. The frying pan gets a ribbed bottom to produce that grill-like texture and caramelization, while the cooking pot gets a lid to minimize heat loss and a spout to enable mess-free pouring.

The Stoke Voltaics Nomad Cooking System is available now, priced at $249.99.

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