Macbook LCD Screen

Stop Being a Tool, Make Your Laptop Work For You

Macbook LCD Screen
Macbook LCD Screen

You realize what laptop manufacturers are doing, don’t you? You buy one of their products thinking that this is the gadget that will work for you. It’s a tool that lets you browse the web, work on projects, or even just play some games. But little do you know, this tool is making a tool out of you. Now, you’re probably reading this from your own laptop, so when I tell you the proof is on the back of your laptop, please don’t shut the monitor. Just turn it around and take a peek.

See what I’m talking about? You’re computer is designed with the logo of its maker on the back of the screen. So what would you think if I told you that someone has discovered a way to turn the table on the manufacturer? What if I told you now is the time to make your laptop do as much advertising for you as it does for the manufacturer?


Apple may use the least blatant of the manufacturer logos, but the image of that little apple with a bite taken out of it is one of the most recognizable icons to technology geeks and common consumers alike. So while the rest of the laptops are left to their own devices, thankfully someone has figured out a method to make that Apple logo into your own personal advertisement.

Designer Eddie Zarick unraveled a method to turn the logo into a shiny LCD screen, capable of being programmed with whatever image or clip you want it to display. Eddie has gone the distance, detailing all the directions and necessary parts to outfit your Macbook with this LCD screen. Eddie even provides links and prices to all the additional components you’ll need. It’s only a matter of time before some entrepreneur figures out how to use these modifications to outfit other notebooks.

Go take a peek at Ed’s Junk Site to find out today how to stop being a tool and start making your Macbook work for you again.