Study Ball Turns Studying Into A Prison Sentence


Want to bring some medieval tough love into your study group?  Try the Study Ball, ancient civilization’s way of making the young lads stay put, updated for today’s generation of restless troublemakers.

If your study partners have a tough time staying put when it’s time to go over your lessons, clamping this on their arms or ankles will make sure they’ll have a tough time running around.  A literal ball and chain device, it features shackles on one end of a chain and a 20-lb ball on the other, making whoever’s attached a veritable prisoner – at least, until the time expires.

The clamp holds a programmable timer, so you can set how long you want the shackles to stay locked (four hours maximum).  Whether thirty minutes or three hours of study time is needed, simply set it and the manacle will hold in place for the duration.  In case of emergencies, it comes with a safety key that you can use to unlock the ball, but what fun would that be (we suggest throwing it away for giggles)?

Apart from study partners, parents can also use it on children who have a difficult time staying still.  Of course, Child Services will probably come knocking at your door as soon as your neighbors get wind of what you’re doing, so best keep this for the grown-ups to avoid turning your life into an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

More creative types will probably be able to come up with a dozen or so ways to use this, from a kinky handcuff alternative to a modified dumbbell.  The Study Ball is available now from Curiosite for $115.

CurioSite via New Launches