Rotgutonix Tastes Your Drink, Tells You What It Thinks


That double shot of whisky from the local bar doesn't hit you like think it should?  Evil bartender could be diluting your drinks.  Find out for sure with the Rotgutonix, an alcohol detector that sniffs out your drink's actual quality.

Designed like a thermometer for alcohol, the Rotgutonix measures the level of dilution of your favorite booze.  Capable of recognizing pure Johnny Walker, J&B, DYC, Pampero, Brugal and Havana Club liquor, it calls "rotgut" as soon as it detects any water or foreign substances in the mix.  Those shortchanging barkeeps will never get one over you again.

Clad in a shape that's similar to pregnancy tests, simply remove the cap and stick the newly-uncovered end into the liquid.  Keep it in the glass for 20 seconds, which is the time it requires to properly make out the drink's composition, and watch the LCD screen, where the device will display its findings.

Here's the rub, though.  The Rotgutonix can only identify pure drinks, so finding out if your mixed cocktail uses the real stuff (as opposed to cheaper alternatives) is out of the question.  Still, it should be quite a novelty device to carry around, especially if getting what you pay for remains a concern when imbibing copious amount of alcohol.

According to designer Emilio Alarcon (the same brilliant Spaniard that brought us the Study Ball), future iterations of the contraption will give it the ability to identify around twenty well-known brands.  It's not yet available for purchase, but I wouldn't mind getting one.  Should be a fun way to call out the adulterated drinks they're serving at the bar, even if it's just to poke fun at your favorite bartender.

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