Show Off Your Cherished Possessions Using Suck UK’s Bell Jar Light


Bell jars are nothing new, having been used to display objects and perform lab tests for many years now. The Suck UK Bell Jar Light even looks like classic bell jars we’ve seen through the years with one difference: it comes with built-in lighting on the base to illuminate whatever you’re showing off inside.

Like any bell jar, you can use it a stylish display case for your favorite toys, heirloom watches, and other cherished possessions. Except with light rising out from the bottom, the darn thing shows off whatever’s on display like a precious museum piece, making even a simple action figure look like a priceless treasure. Or something like that.


The Suck UK Bell Jar Light consists of a hand-blown glass dome set atop a wooden base that’s painted in black. That way, the base can fully disappear in the dark, further putting the focus on whatever object you have displayed on top of it. The dome measures 7.9 x 9.8 inches (diameter x height), so it should fit a whole load of objects, from cameras and toy robots to ornate steins and decorative trinkets. This thing should be perfect for avid collectors who would like to display some pieces in their collection more prominently, whether you’re into action figures, model cars, or movie memorabilia. It uses dual diffusers to provide even illumination.


Available now, the Suck UK Bell Jar Light is priced at $128.

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