Suck UK Dino Case Is The Prehistoric Lunch Box Every Kid Deserves


There are a million different lunchbox designs. Only one of them looks like a T-Rex’s head cut off from the rest of its body. That’s exactly what Suck UK brings with the Dino Case, which lets you pack your lunch inside a prehistoric creature’s cavernous mouth.

That’s right, you can use this dinosaur’s mouth to pack your kid’s lunch, so he can walk to school while carrying a beheaded dinosaur right on his hand. Even better, the mouth is closed using a muzzle, so the darn thing looks like a dangerous creature that need to be restrained to keep it from chomping at anyone who comes close.


The Suck UK Dino Case doesn’t even need to be used to pack lunches to serve great function around the house. It can, for instance, stand on its own as a fun toy – I mean, a T-Rex head with jaws that can open wide and close repeatedly just makes for hours of fun. You can also use the mouth as a cavernous compartment for smaller toys, whether it’s LEGO bricks, green army men, or die-cast cars. We’re guessing it should also make for an entertaining fruit bowl in the kitchen, so you can snatch yourself an apple right from a Jurassic creature’s prehistoric jaw.


Construction is durable plastic for the head, with an elastic strap cut in black nylon material. It measures 9 x 6.2 x 5.2 inches.

Available now, the Suck UK Dino Case is priced at $35.

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