These Superducks Dress Up The Classic Rubber Ducky As DC Superheroes


Not satisfied with the superhero battle Batman and Superman engaged in the last time they met up in the movies? Forget the movie and stage your own battle scene the next time you take a warm bath with the Superducks, a pair of rubber duckies clad in the likeness of DC’s two most prominent superheroes.

Granted, we’re not entirely sure how ducks fight when they get pissed off at each other. Do they peck each other with their beaks? Try to trap each other with their wings? Do they claw each other with their feet? We guess you’ll have to get creative with that part, although we recommend just bumping them against each other like a pair of sumo wrestlers fighting in the water.


The Superducks are, basically, your standard plastic rubber ducky, albeit instead of being done up with a yellow body and an orange beak, they come clad in superhero livery. And, yes, they come complete with a full crop of hair for the Man of Steel and a mask with pointy ears for the Dark Knight, so anyone who chances upon these in the bathtub will instantly recognize the costumed crime-fighters in their midst. Each one measures 4 x 4 inches.


Available now, the Superducks are priced at $19.98 a pair.

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