There Is No Way Your Kids Won’t Dig This Ride-On Mini-Excavator


City kids might not find much functional use for this Tank Tread Steel CAT Digger. If you live in a space with plenty of land they can dig, bore, and dump, though, this is exactly the kind of toy that’s going to lead to seemingly endless hours of fun.

That’s right, it’s a mini-excavator that little kids can use to move rocks, dig holes, and turn your backyard garden into an incorrigible mess.   Like a proper construction machine, it can run on less-than-even ground, too, making it ideal for playing in muddy, sandy, and snow-covered terrains.


The Tank Tread Steel CAT Digger has a proper boom, stick, and bucket for burrowing into gravel, sand, and mud, complete with spring-assist levers that make it easy to lift and dump a bucketful of whatever you dug out. There’s no cab, but it does come with a comfy blow-molded seat set atop a frame that can swivel a full 360-degrees for easy maneuverability. Since you’re not going to be playing with this ride-on excavator on paved roads, it sports dual tank treads wrapped around four wheels apiece, allowing to ride over less-than-even terrains. Oh yeah, the ride is entirely manual, so the kid is going to get some exercise kicking on the ground to get this thing moving.

Construction is high-carbon steel for the frame, so this should withstand rugged use better than most toys. It measures 34.25 x 17.7 x 37.8 inches and weighs 75 pounds.

Available now, the Tank Tread Steel CAT Digger is priced at $399.99.

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