Tetris Microcard Puts The Classic Puzzle Game In Your Wallet


No, you absolutely don’t need a standalone Tetris game the size of a credit card. If your idea of taking a break from your phone is playing a handheld version of a classic puzzle game from the 80s, the Tetris Microcard will definitely do the trick.

Measuring the size of 20 or so business cards stacked in a pile, the game is designed to fit into the standard card slots on any wallet, so you can carry it with you the whole time. At 5mm thick, though, you might not be able to fit any other card into that slot, so you’ll have to give up some room in your wallet to have it on standby.


The Tetris Microcard has a small vertical screen in the middle where a tiny version of the game plays at a resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. It comes with physical soft-click buttons, four directional controls on the left and two action controls on the right, to ensure tactile gameplay, while a pair of switches up to let you turn either the power or the sound on and off. As for the actual game, it has the basic version of Tetris, complete with the standard 15 levels of difficulty.

Features include a piezo speaker, polycarbonate and aluminum construction, and a rechargeable battery rated at six hours of gameplay. Do note, this is a licensed version of the game, so the system is closed off. As such, even if this is just a reworked version of the Arduboy, you won’t be able to upload new games into it.

Hit the link below to learn more about the Tetris Microcard.

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