Too Cheap To Buy A Bag? Wrap A Band Around Your Books With The Book Belt


Can’t afford all those fancy receptacles they call school bags?  Trash it up to Algebra 101 with the Book Belt, canvas straps that wrap around your school stuff so they all stay in one place.

While you can always take regular buckled belts off from your pants to do the same thing, that usually makes for a very clumsy way of holding your stuff.   The Book Belt, on the other hand, is designed exactly for the job, making for comfortable, wobble-free handling of your books, notebooks and other school fare.


It uses a single-piece band (blue with red stripe – not exactly “stylish”, we wish there were more color choices) that wraps crucifix-style around your pile of books.  A leather panel (either black or tan) in the middle replaces the belt buckle, allowing the strap to wound tautly into the needed 90-degree angles.  You can cup the entire thing in one hand, carry it close to your chest like a prim schoolgirl (despite being a boy) or sling it over your shoulder using the hanging end of the strap.

Need to draw some pity so your teachers don’t stick you with a failing mark?  Do the “poor college student struggling to put himself to school” act.  Pair the Book Belt with shabby clothes and a sad face when you come over to beg the prof – you just might get away with it.  It’s available for AUS$25, which is about $23 for you Yanks.

[The Book Belt]