Tower Kitchen Hides A Functional Kitchen Inside Two Tall Cabinets

All homes need a proper kitchen.  Yes, even if all you can afford right now is a tiny apartment with an alley view in a half-decent neighborhood because you sank all your money in Star Wars collectibles (hey, it was a good idea at the time).  If you want all the amenities of a proper kitchen without all the space it usually requires, then you need something like the Tower Kitchen.

Made by Philippe Starck, the compact cookhouse hides a rich set of kitchen gear inside a pair of rotating box towers.  Occupying just one square meter of floor space each, they shouldn’t be too hard to find room for either. And they look mighty fine as well, with a macoré veneer exterior finish and chrome accents along the edges.

Each Tower Kitchen features doors on three sides, with a fixed wall on the fourth side that can be equipped with either a mirror (so you can watch yourself cook naked) or a blackboard (for writing down recipes and reminders).    The appliances are divided among the two towers by function:  the hot tower holds a conventional oven, a steam oven and a microwave; while the cold tower houses  a fridge and a freezer.

The rest of the space is equipped with cabinet racks by default, although they can also integrate other electrical appliances (such as a dishwasher or a pancake machine) upon request.  If your house has no built-in sink or food preparation area, you can pair the towers with a matching Trumpet Table, a separate island with its own sink, glass cooktop and long table.

While the initial thinking is this will be perfect for starving students and city dwellers making do in their cramped digs, the Tower Kitchen isn’t likely to be priced for that market.  Which begs the question of why anyone rich enough to have a big house will want one.  Unless, of course, they’re building a doll house and want to equip it with a kitchen of sorts.  Yeah, that’s probably it.

More info at Warendorf