Transportation Plates Encourage Playing With Your Food

You love playing with your food.  When you were young, you tried to hide it when the parents were around.  But every time you ate without supervision, your peas became soldiers , your mashed potato became moldable terrain and every slice of meat became a battle tank destroying everything in its way.  While you’ve grown up and got older like the rest of us, that old habit remains. These Transportation Plates are the dinnerware you’ve been missing all this time.

Made by Boguslaw Sliwinski, each plate features hand drawings of various modes of shipping transport that let you arrange your food like cargo for hauling.  Drive the plate around the table for a couple of laps, then unload the shipment right into your mouth.  Delivery complete.

Six varieties of the Transportation Plates are shown on the website, each one with a different illustration on it: a cargo ship, a trailer truck, a crane, a warehouse tractor and a helicopter with a lift.  Each one is made from ceramic, with a rounded shape measuring 20.5 cm in diameter.  Set on a table, the drawings look like a puzzle that you can instinctively complete with tiny morsels of food.

The Transportation Plates don’t appear to be for sale, as there’s no ordering info on Sliwinski’s website.  The good news?  You can buy a bunch of white ceramic plates, draw stuff on it with a permanent marker and you can get yourself the same thing.  In fact, I’m thinking of getting the biggest plate in the kitchen and turning it into a checkers board with peanuts and  chopped olives as playing pieces.  Props for the idea, dude.

[Boguslaw Sliwinski]