Trazor Shaving Razor Can Take Cartridges From 44 Different Brands And Models


Like most people, we use modern safety razors instead of dangerous straight razors and similar gear. They’re safe, they’re effective, and they’re affordable enough for regular use. Problem is, you never really what models of blade cartridges will be available every time you go into a store, forcing you to purchase multiple models over time. The Trazor Razor changes that.

A safety razor with a multi-cartridge adapter, the shaving tool can mount over 40 different brands and models of razor cartridges, from the Gillette Fusion series and Schick the Hydro line to the Wilkinson Sword line and a whole lot more. Simply put, if you purchase a cartridge at a local shop wherever you are, there’s a good chance the darn thing will be compatible with this razor’s adapter mount.


The Trazor Razor actually comes with its own five-edge Trazor blades, so you can use that when you initially get a unit. In case it’s not to your liking, though, you’re not stuck, since you can get a preferred cartridge from the store and swap it in for all your shaving needs. That’s right, you can now stick to buying cartridges instead of having to buy a handle for every model of blade, allowing you to try out every brand and model you can get your hands on to find what really works best for your particular skin type and hair growth.

It has a handle that’s longer and wider than what you’ll typically find in most modern safety razors, which, according to the outfit, allows you to use it for more applications, since it can reach further and offer a more secure grip than what’s available in the market. That means, it can be used to effectively shave not just the hair on one’s face, but on the head, legs, back, and other harder-to-reach places. According to the outfit, the handle’s ergonomic shape should even reduce hand fatigue during those particularly arduous shaving sessions.


The Trazor Razor comes in two variants: Trim and Gel. The former comes with a precision trimmer at the opposite end, allowing you to use it to clear out nose hairs, ear hairs, and whatever other finely-growing hairs you want to get rid of on your body, while the latter comes with a gel dispenser on that opposite end, allowing you to keep your shaving gel right on your shaving razor. Trim, by the way, requires one AA battery for operation, while Gel uses cartridges filled with the outfit’s custom shaving formula.


Both models are water-resistant and fully-washable, so you can use keep this in the bathroom along with the rest of your daily hygiene gear. It comes with a stand for conveniently setting down on its place in the bathroom sink or shelf, complete with a cover so the blades aren’t needlessly exposed to whatever elements fly around in your bathroom. And, yes, the stand and cover together are enough to serve as a travel case for the shaving razor, allowing you to easily drop this in your dopp kit when going on the road.

A Kickstarter is currently running for the Trazor Razor. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $32.

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