Tree Hugger Turns Any Tree Into A Versatile Storage Spot


Trees make for excellent storage fixtures when camping. Just drive a few nails on a bark and use it to hang a good load of your gear. If you’d rather not bring nails as part of your camping supplies, you might want to pick up the Tree Hugger Gear & Supply Cache instead.

When wrapped around a tree bark, it gives you a pocket and a generous collection of loops that you can use to hang or tie down your stash. Whether you need a place to stash your fishing gear, hang a lantern, or secure a tarp, this thing should make for a highly versatile storage tool around camp.


The Tree Hugger Gear & Supply Cache folds down into the size of a small handbag that measures 16.5 x 7 inches (length x height). When opened, it expands to a generous 13.5 x 28 inches, with polypro webbing straps and heavy-duty buckles allowing you to secure it around trees between one and two feet in diameter. It, basically, serves as a tool belt that wears around trees, giving you a convenient place to hang a lantern, secure your food supply, and stow away all of your gear.


Aside from the loops, it comes with a pocket measuring 4 x 16 inches for storing stuff that you can’t quite hang on a loop. Construction is PVC polyester for the for the outer layer and PVC-coated tarpaulin for the inner material.

Available now, the Tree Hugger Gear & Supply Cache is priced at $52.

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