Mom, I’m Invisible: The UnderFX Green Suit

Ever wondered how those low-budget YouTube filmmakers are able to do intricate puppet and robot scenes using homemade green screen backgrounds?  Wonder no more with the UnderFX Full Cover Green Suit, a full body outfit designed to blend in with the green screen backgrounds for total invisibility.

Being a fledgling amateur shooting films in your dad’s garage is no excuse for crappy production.  With this suit and a corresponding chroma key background, you can easily shoot a bunch of fancy scenes that your post-production team can painlessly isolate for further rendering, all at costs that should play nice with your art school dropout budget.

The UnderFX Full Cover Green Suit is a full stretch bodysuit that you can use to appear invisible with a similarly-colored background.  It has a thinner, more transparent face area to allow for easier breathing and some visibility.  The entire wardrobe zips off the back, so make sure to watch out for those gorilla hairs.  Ouch.  It comes in two sizes – one for skinny folks and another for 35-year old computer programmers.  Just kidding, any fat guy can wear the latter.

Of course, the suit’s only useful if you’re into filmmaking.  Unless you’re into dressing like a vegetable, which it should work well for too.  We’re thinking this will be a great alternative to put on when robbing a bank as well, although I’m pretty sure security won’t let you in as soon as they see you on one (it’s pretty disgusting when you’re wearing suits where I can make out your…erm…man-bulges).

At $225, the UnderFX Full Cover Green Suit sounds like a must-have for wannabe filmmakers who want to do experiment with some of that CGI magic.

[Tube Tape via Red Ferret]