YouTube Sensation Dramatic Chipmunk Gets Itself Painted On Canvas


Remember the Dramatic Chipmunk on YouTube?  Someone has gone ahead and put it to canvas for posterity.  The result is an oil painting that is equally as disturbing as the video hat spawned it.

As one of the most popular videos on YouTube, the Dramatic Chipmunk clip has spawned hits from over 14 million people and has been spoofed in countless references, including a South Park episode.  Who could resist a cute pet in such an ominous stare, after all?

The Dramatic Chipmunk Oil Painting captures the critter right at that defining pose, which sees it looking over its shoulder, deep into the camera's lens, creating a feeling of suspense in the air.  Each piece is individually painted (yes, they actually have a factory of artists for the thing) on an 11 x 13 inch canvas and housed in a gold-colored frame.

To this day, the animal's chipmunk status is still continually up for debate?  Is it a chipmunk, a gopher or a prairie dog?  Regardless of the truth, you can't deny it has achieved cult status as a piece of seminal internet video history.  This makes it the perfect subject to hang across your living room in the digital age, replacing that 30-year old framed piece of dogs playing poker while smoking cigars.  You classy bastard, you!

Paintings of the Dramatic Chipmunk are currently on sale for $39 apiece.  While it's not exactly fine art, it's a cheap way to finally have a painting in your house, like your more cultured friends always encouraged you to do.

[mcPhee ]