Cool Furniture: Vintage Chairs Upholstered In Vintage Bean Bags

I can’t decide if these chairs, upholstered in sacks once used to transport coffee exports, are gorgeous or ugly.  On the one hand, they’re definitely unique; on the other, it’s like making a car body out of the discarded frames of old school buses, complete with yellow paint and the local elementary school’s logo.  It’s cool, in a retro-bohemian sort of way.

Called rather straightforwardly as Vintage Coffee Bean Bag Chairs, the arm chairs are made from reclaimed vintage pieces  that were then covered in similarly vintage sacks used to transport coffee beans from one part of the world to another.  And these are real sacks, too, complete with text labels printed on them.

Created by Blanaid, the two chairs were originally built for private use and were actually designed to complement the group’s studio.  With space in the studio dwindling, they decided to sell the pair, which has reportedly gotten plenty of offers in the past.  As with anything that’s piqued so many people’s interest, both furniture pieces sold out rather quickly.

As of now, Blanaid isn’t selling any new pieces, but you can definitely take a cue from their Vintage Coffee Bean Bag Chairs.  If you can unearth a couple of vintage furnishings from local flea markets and some sturdy sacks to upholster them with, you might just be able to turn out something as eye-catching.