Walls Notebook Lets You Deface New York City Legally


Want to practice your graffiti skills without actually vandalizing private property? Work your drawing talents on the Walls Notebook, an erstwhile regular sketchbook filled with background images of blank walls and other urban surfaces.

Designed to be used both as a sketchbook and a regular pad, each sheet comes bearing an image of an empty New York City facade. These include a good variety of graffiti-friendly surfaces that you can deface to your heart’s content, including building walls, park benches, subway cars and service vans.

The Walls Notebook measures 8.5 x 6.6 inches, making it an ideal carry-on sketchbook for both budding taggers and regular artists alike. Each comes with 160 sheets of paper, with a good variety of different prints on each spread.

Of course, it’s going to be pretty dumb to try working a spray paint across the paper, which means you won’t be able to practice any real tagging work. It might be nice to see how your doodles will look like across the side of a mail box, though, and the Walls Notebook should make that easy, with plenty of available surfaces just waiting for you to change up. Think of it like a coloring book for adults – with plenty of leeway to what you can include in each scene.

The Walls Notebook is currently available for $17.

[Product Page via Book Of Joe]