Wolf Tooth B-Rad System Lets You Easily Install Tons Of Storage On Your Bike Frame


Bottle cages are great, as they let you carry your supply of refreshments right on the bicycle frame. Problem is, they only fit water bottles – leaving you at a loss about where to store the rest of your gear. The Wolf Tooth B-Rad System offers a better alternative.

Designed to optimize your on-bike storage, the system lets you add multiple bottle cages, storage straps, and other accessories using nothing but the built-in threaded holes or braze-ons in the frame. For parts of the frame without those, it can even work with bolt-on mounts, so you can use this to add a whole lot of storage to any bicycle.


The Wolf Tooth B-Rad System consists of three products: mounting bases, a strap mount, and a dual bottle adapter. The mounting base, which comes in three lengths, is a bar that screws onto the threaded holes in the frame, providing a facility for bolting a whole load of accessories. If you want to install water bottle cages side-by-side, you can use the dual bottle adapter, while the strap mount screws onto the bar and gives you a place to securely stash items up to 80mm in diameter. That’s right, you can finally tie down tool rolls, spare tubes, and other gear right on the frame. Construction is aluminum for the brackets and 18-8 stainless steel for the hardware.


Available now, the Wolf Tooth B-Rad System starts at $17.95.

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