Wrap Your Smart Fortwo In Hello Kitty

The Smart Fortwo isn’t only a hyper-efficient compact car, it also happens to be a bundle of cute.  Now, you can make it so cute you’ll gag yourself into an untimely death with these Smart Fortwo Hello Kitty Car Wraps.

Made specifically to fit the pudgy two-seater, the wraps come in six different designs, all of them decked in that unmistakable Hello Kitty aesthetic that’s adorned practically everything over the last 35 years.   Half of the wraps are partial, half are full body coverings, with every single one guaranteed to keep men of all shapes and sizes from borrowing your car.  Ever.

The Hello Kitty Custom Wraps are made from 3M vinyl products, with images of the famous Japanese feline plastered prominently across the material.  The partial wraps (Hello Kitty Forever, Hello Kitty Bow and Hello Kitty Supercute) come in pink and red, while the full wraps (Hello Kitty Everywhere, Hello Kitty Peeking and Hello Kitty Happy) are available in black, white, red and pink.

A partnership between Smart and Sanrio, the decorative car accessories come as part of the latter’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.  Pricing starts at $550 for the two-door partial wraps, going up to $1,700 for the full wraps.   Each one comes with a three year warranty.

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