Wraptie Is A Velcro-Based Alternative To Bungee Cords And Tie-Down Straps


Bungee cords are great, as they let you secure a whole load of things, whether on a roof rack, a truck bed, or the back of a motorcycle. Problem is, using elastic straps can be tricky, as they can hit you upon recoil, pinch your fingers, and even scratch surfaces when combined with hooks. The Wraptie offers an easier alternative.

A multi-function strap, the fastening band allows you to perform any fastening job normally performed with tie-down straps, bungee cords, and rope. No, we doubt it can secure the kind of loads you carry on an 18-wheeler like those ratchet straps truckers use, but for everything short of heavy-duty applications, this thing should handle it with relative ease.


The Wraptie has a strap made up of alternating lengths of hook-and-loop Velcro and webbing, with the former allowing you to secure the strap at any length (just twist the strap and line the Velcro sections together) and the latter providing some elasticity, so you can stretch it to extend the reach as needed. One end of the strap is a fixed loop, which you can use to feed the rest of the strap through when wrapping it around an object as well as serve as a convenient handle, while the other end is a Velcro-secured loop, so you can either use it like the fixed loop end or unbind the Velcro to connect another strap to it.

It comes in three lengths: 130cm, 180cm, and 240cm, so you can pick up the exact length of strap you need. You’re allowed to connect two straps together using the Velcro strips at the end, so you can use that to double the maximum length. Sadly, you can’t connect more than two, so you get a maximum length of 4.8 meters. The outfit recommends using the 130cm length for very light applications (bundling cords, holding small boxes on the roof rack), the 180cm for slightly more challenging tasks (bundling PVC pipes together, holding cargo on a motorcycle rack), and the 240cm for tougher tasks (securing a kayak on the roof rack, moving furniture).


The Wraptie uses industrial-strength knitted webbing that’s made from a mix of polyester, recycled plastic, and an elastic material, with the latter allowing it to stretch similar to bungee cords, as well as standard Velcro material for the hook-and-loop sections. We know, you’re not that confident about trusting Velcro to secure the kayak in your roof rack, but that’s why they put multiple lengths of it, so you can secure it in different points to ensure it doesn’t come undone. The multiple hook-and-loop sections also means it’s infinitely adjustable, since you can secure it at almost any position, while the absence of any buckles or hardware means it won’t leave scratches on any surface.


Each strap has a load rating of 50 kgs (110 pounds) at 20cm, 40cm, and 60cm for the three respective lengths, which decreases exponentially as the diameter of the load increases. To handle heavier weights, just use multiple straps until you’re confident it’s enough to handle the load.

Pricing for the Wraptie starts at $29 a pair.

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