Xbox And Wii Gaming Towers Look More Like Gaming Shrines Than Shelves


Need a way to keep your gaming area combed and tidy?  Check out the Xbox Generations Gaming Tower and the Wii Aspect Gaming Tower, two space-saving shelving solutions specifically configured for your favorite consoles.

Sure, you can use some random shelf or cabinet to hold all your videogame essentials, but these two manage it with style.  Decked to resemble the gaming units they’re specifically made for, both fixtures look more like a veritable gaming shrine than a mere storage area.  Suffice to say, your wife won’t be ecstatic when you bring one of these home.

The Xbox Generations Gaming Tower (8 x 12 x 36.5 inches) can hold  your 360 console upright at the bottom shelf, up to 16 games on the middle and top shelves, four controllers up top, a guitar peripheral on the side and an area for the transformer at the bottom.  The Wii Aspect Gaming Tower  (7 x 10 x 35.5 inches), on the other hand, offers up room for up to 16 games, a console bay, top area for four Wiimotes, two nunchucks and 1 classic controller, and a guitar peripheral on the side.

What about shelving for PS3 fanboys?  No such luck, but I’m sure one’s coming up with the brisk sales of the new $299 machines.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Both the Xbox Generations Gaming Tower and the Wii Aspect Gaming Tower ship unassembled and are made from recyclable plastic resin.  I have a feeling they should be kept right by a wall, though, as the vertical configuration looks like it can fall anytime.  They’re available for $59.99 apiece(if you can get your hands on these at a store somewhere).