Yale Keyfree Door Lock Opens Your Front Door Like A Car

Trying to fit a key into your front door’s lock is usually an exercise in concentration after another night spent in the company of cheap brandy in the neighborhood bar. Not so if you’ve installed Yale’s new Keyfree Door Lock, which lets you pull the bolt off the door’s lock with the single push of a button on your key fob – just like you do with your car.

If you’re trying to recall who Yale is, they’re those folks who make the tough-ass locks you can buy from practically any hardware store. Turns out they sell doors too and, with this latest product, brings the convenience of push-button home entry right on your key fob.

Keyfree Doors, as the name implies, have no keyholes whatsoever and can only be opened electronically, either by PIN (it supports multiple codes) or through the wireless remote. The lock latches on automatically as soon as you enter or exit the house, so there’s no risk of accidentally leaving them open.

Entering the wrong PIN triggers an 80dB alarm that’s designed to rouse the neighbors out of whatever they’re doing. It’s police-approved too, so it’s supposed to work really well. All good, right? Now, imagine being a kid in a neighborhood with doors like these: yes, you want to make a goddamn ruckus by punching the wrong code in every house with one installed until you get caught. Ah, fun!

The Keyfree Doors are available in various styles, including Victorian, Country and Contemporary. Each can be bought in one of five colors, all of them bearing a timber-grain finish. Price is £999 (around $1,400) for the door plus the key-less lock set.

[Yale Door via GadgetLab]