YesWelder Firstess MP200 Combines Four Welding Processes And A Plasma Cutter In One Device

No, it’s not the kind of welding equipment you will buy when you’re opening a shop or starting a contracting business. It’s not quite up for those heavy-duty jobs. If you’re a fabrication hobbyist or a handyman enthusiast who wants to add welding to your arsenal, though, the YesWelder Firstess MP200 is exactly the kind of rig you should consider picking up.

A five-in-one machine, it combines the four most popular types of welding processes and plasma cutting in a single device, bringing a whole load of new functions to your home workshop. It does that while coming in a compact size and an affordable price that makes it very accessible to hobbyists, enthusiasts, and other non-professionals.

The YesWelder Firstess MP200 is a compact machine measuring 14.8 x 18.9 x 8.3 inches (height x depth x width), making it around the size of a mini tower PC. It can, of course, perform MIG welding, a popular process for hobbyists due to its excellent control of thinner materials, with a synergic control mechanism automatically matching the voltage and wire feeding speed to whatever current you set on the machine. Want to use it for outdoor welding? Not a problem, as it can also do MMA welding just as capably, allowing you to mend the fence around your property or fix some of your yard tools without having to go indoors even on windy days.

It can also do FCAW welding, so you can fuse thicker metals, such as those on farm machines or vehicles, as well as TIG welding for clean and precise welds. According to the outfit, the device is fitted with a lift start that’s been optimized for reduced spatter, allowing greater control and smoother fuses for TIG projects.

The YesWelder Firstess MP200 can also serve as a plasma cutter, with the ability to cleanly cut through steel up to half an inch in thickness. That means, you can cut a piece of metal to resize it to your exact need, then weld it after using the exact same tool. Switching between the different functions is simple, too, with a 3.3-inch TFT display giving you information about the current setting, while knobs below it allow you to set function, material thickness, gas type, and other information. Each function comes with a default setting for current and voltage, so users can just go ahead and focus on the welds, although more seasoned welders can manually make adjustments any time as they see fit.

It has a memory function that can remember your particular settings for each process type, so it will go right back to your preferences each time you switch back. According to the outfit, it can store up to 10 different presets for each type of welding, too, so you can have your favorite settings on tap for different projects. Features include a pair of fans for consistent cooling, onboard safety sensors that will automatically shut it off in certain situations (overheating or overcurrent), a unibody steel construction for durability, and a weight of 25 pounds.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the YesWelder Firstess MP200. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $549.

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