Zenlet Lift And Go: This Carrying Frame For MacBooks Doubles As An Ergonomic Stand


When you just need to bring your MacBook out and nothing else, most of us resort to carrying it inside a laptop sleeve (or a specialty laptop backpack), since carrying a laptop by hand just isn’t very safe. The Zenlet Lift and Go offers a clever alternative, adding a handle on your MacBook so you can it like a briefcase while doubling as an ergonomic stand by the time you start working.

A metal frame that attaches to your laptop, it lets you carry the notebook comfortably with one hand just like a briefcase, with little danger of having it slip your grasp. Granted, it doesn’t exactly protect your laptop the way an actual bag would, but if you’re looking to leave the house with minimal gear in tow, this thing lets you bring a computer along without any fanfare.


The Zenlet Lift and Go clamps a separate frame each on the display and keyboard sections of the MacBook, allowing you to quickly open it at any time. During work use, the carry handle doubles as a handy stand, lifting the ensemble off the surface to provide better air circulation and a more ergonomic typing angle. It’s height-adjustable, too – simply adjust the angle of the screen to vary the clearance off the table surface (it’s highest with the screen at a 90-degree angle). Do note, they only support two models for now, MacBook Pro 13 and MacBook Pro 15, with other models coming down the line.


Construction is CNC-milled aluminum for the frame, with a magnetic ratchet locking mechanism ensuring it holds in place, whether the frame is fully closed or opened at an angle. Features include a translucent cover to protect your laptop’s lid from dirt and dust during transport, a light weight of just 500 grams (both frame and cover), and sliding sections that allow you to access the laptop’s ports without having to remove the frame.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Zenlet Lift and Go. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $119.

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