Bedazzle Your Facial Hair With The Glitter Beard Kit


Remember when you were so happy with your full face of beard? Well, not anymore. You’ve had it for well over a year now, after all, and it just feels… boring. Fortunately, there are things you can do. You can, for instance, shave it off, manscape it into a banging shape (that laser-powered beard trimmer should work great), or even dye it into a fancy new color. Or you can go full Ke$ha and make the darn thing shine with this Glitter Beard Kit.

That’s right, it’s a kit that contains everything you need to cover your beard in bright and shiny glitter. Why? Because you’re bored with your beard and skinning it in glitter will change that. Yes, it looks ridiculous. Yes, it’s not work-appropriate. And, yes, it definitely takes your facial hair to rockstar levels.


The Glitter Beard Kit contains a small pot of red glitter, a 50 ml bottle of beard oil, and a bib. Why red glitter? So you can look like you just ate raw unicorn, with its blood splattered all around your mouth. To use, simply put the bib on to ensure the glitter doesn’t spill onto your clothes, apply the beard oil to condition it for dumping with glitter, and proceed with dumping the glitter. You can dump the whole pot to go full blast with your new look or simply dab on a little to make it a conservatively shiny. Either way, your boring beard should be a whole lot less boring.


Available now, the Glitter Beard Kit is priced at £14.99.

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2 Responses

  1. Sallie

    When I first saw this product I literally thought it was a joke. It appeared somewhere on my news feed. After seeing it a second time, I decided to take a closer look and quickly realized this is an actual “thing”. People do this! What?!
    I love to pick on my husband so decided to surprise him with his own kit of glitter. I didn’t think he would use it but he did and we had such a laugh. As you can see from the picture, there is enough glitter for more than one person. His best friend decided to do it as well and the stares they got were priceless.

  2. Henry

    Too me a beard is manly. I think guys spend too much time trimming to get a “perfect beard.” I want a beard that is big, thick, and bushy. I would maybe use glitter in my beard for Halloween or some other special Occassion, but that is it. Really guys, this is where we are at now with beards? Would Paul Bunyan use glitter in his beard? Was there a demand for this product? I doubt it, but maybe they’ll sell enough and hope that it becomes a viral hit. I doubt it though, because what would your boss say if you showed up to work with a sparky bright glitter encrusted beard?

    I am OK with women not wearing makeup. In fact, I tend to encourage women NOT to wear makeup. I’d rather just head out the door after a quick shower, but this product is like makeup for men. No thank you.


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