Absolut Hangsmart Lets You Adjust A Picture Frame’s Exact Position After You Hang It


Ever hung a picture frame or a framed art on the wall only to decide you want it a little to the left or a little higher after you did all the work? Yeah, it happens. The Absolut Hangsmart is a mounting solution that lets you do just that.

Instead of hanging your framed piece on a nail or hook, you hang the frame on the hook-like fixture along the top of the mount. That’s it. Once it’s locked, you simply move the frame left, right, up, or down to your liking – the mount will automatically level it when you settle on a spot.


The Absolut Hangsmart allows you to adjust framed art within six inches horizontally and eight inches vertically, giving you plenty of wiggle room to find the perfect position. In case it still doesn’t work out, it even comes with an adhesive backing, so you can mount it at a temporary spot to test things out before committing. Once you’re sure you’ve found the right place, simply screw it using the threaded holes on the frame to permanently affix to the wall.


According to the outfit, the hooking mechanism can automatically secure any type of frame (we’re not sure if Samsung’s Frame TV counts, though) without having to add any material to it, so you can set things up as soon as you find the perfect piece to hang. When mounted using screws, it should be able to support weights of up to 15 pounds.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Absolut Hangsmart. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $24.

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