Adamantini Is The Indestructible Martini Glass Your Home Bar Has Wanted All Along


Contrary to what the name suggests, the Adamantini isn’t made from the same metal alloy that’s bonded to Wolverine’s bones and claws. Adamantium is purely fictional, after all, so there’s no way to source it no matter how hard you try. Instead, the martini glass is cut in less fictional stainless steel, ensuring it’s just as hardwearing as everyone’s favorite Marvel mutant.

Billed as an “indestructible martini glass,” you can use it to serve gin-and-vermouth cocktails in your home bar, whether you’re enjoying an ice cold nightcap or having friends over on a Friday night. Except, the darn thing won’t break like a regular martini glass when it accidentally slips after you’ve had a few, so you can partake on your libations without having to worry about getting clumsy.


The Adamantini takes on the classic V-shaped martini glass, albeit with a much shorter stem than traditional martini glasses. According to its creator, Wolfram, that short stem gives it a low center of gravity for better stability and balance, ensuring there’s little chance it will tip over when you knock the table in the middle of a drunken stupor.


It’s precision-machined from a solid 25-pound billet of 303 stainless steel, so it’s super tough with quite the substantial heft. Granted, a steel martini glass doesn’t quite bear the same aesthetics as a regular martini glass, although it does bring its own unique appeal.

Available now, the Adamantini is priced at $199.

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