Use Alkemista To Infuse An Entire Bottle Of Spirits With Delicious Flavors


Some people like their alcohol simple. Just pour some in a glass, add ice, and sip it till you’re plastered. Others enjoy a bit more elaborate preparation, going through the trouble of crafting cocktails in their mini-bar setup at home. The Alkemista is designed for that latter group.

You know those infuser bottles that let you lace your drinking water with flavors from fruits and herbs? This works, pretty much, the same way. Except, its custom-designed to add extra flavor to spirits, allowing you to transform an erstwhile crappy bottle of vodka into something a little more pleasurable to imbibe.


The Alkemista consists of a 950ml bottle, with a removable infusion filter inside that can accommodate 200ml worth of fruit, spices, and herbs. A screw-on stainless steel bottom lid allows easy access to the infusion filter, all while doubling as convenient way to easily clean the bottle. To use, simply take out the bottom lid to add ingredients to the filter, screw it back on, and pour the base alcohol into the bottle. It can accommodate a full 750ml of spirits, so you can empty out an entire bottle of gin, vodka, or whatever poison you prefer to mix in your cocktails.


It comes with a silicone cork stopper that’s encased in stainless steel to seal the bottle tight, allowing you to keep it in a shelf without spoiling the alcohol. And since the filter is removable, you can take it off any time the spirit has been sufficiently infused or add a new batch of ingredients to further vary the taste.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Alkemista. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $45.

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