Apocalypse Snow Globe: Because Even A Ravaged Earth Deserves A Dose Of Whimsy


When one of those apocalypse scenarios they play out in movies and TV shows actually happen, the world will become a very different place. And the people living in the remnants of our fallen civilization will likely need some whimsy to bring a little cheer in their harrowingly difficult lives. We have a feeling this Apocalypse Snow Globe will be a huge hit in that post-apocalypse landscape.

Like other snow globes, it comes with a cityscape submerged in glycerin with little particles designed to shower around it when the whole thing is shaken. Except in this snow globe, the city is made up of shattered, dilapidated structures that have been damaged by whatever horrors brought down civilization, with the glitters and snow-like particles replaced with chunks of gray and black objects.


The Apocalypse Snow Globe is about the same size as regular snow globes, measuring 4.5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.   Because the world as we know it is in tatters, the buildings are fully unkempt, with most of their paint peeled off and any damage left unattended. Those gray and black objects flying around look just like any of the multiple things we can expect in different apocalypse scenarios, whether it be debris flying from alien attacks on terrestrial structures, a radioactive fallout that created a nuclear winter wonderland, or a million vultures preying on the seemingly endless supply of corpses that litter the cities. Take your pick. Construction is polyresin for the base and the cityscape, with the globe cut in glass.

Available now, the Apocalypse Snow Globe retails for $12.99.

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