Artoo, A Swimsuit For R2D2 Fans

Ever since Weird Science implanted the idea of building your own robot girlfriend into the minds of impressionable young people, geeks the world over have dreamed of crafting one such creature to cuddle with while sitting at the hotel poolside during lonely evenings.   Since the chances of that happening at this day and age are nil, boys with overactive imaginations can satiate their dreams of robot love, for now, with this: the Artoo Swimsuit.

Designed by James Lillis, the tight-fitting garment comes decked in R2D2 graphics, so you can hit the water looking like a shapely robot and stir up every gawking geek’s imagination.  Unless you happen to be a dude who thought donning female swimwear was a good idea, of course.  It’s bad, just in case you didn’t know.

The Artoo is a one-piece swimsuit made from the usual polyester/Lycra blend, with UPF 50+ sun protection and UV blocking.   Material features a strong knit structure, with cooling effect and see-through prevention, so the poolside voyeurs can stare all they want and see nothing but your R2D2 print.

From the sound of it, this isn’t Lucasfilm-licensed, so it might not take long for that cease-and-desist to make its way to Black Milk Clothing’s offices.  As such, we recommend getting one as soon as you can.  Again, unless you’re a dude who thinks donning female swimwear is a good idea.  It comes in four sizes (XS, S, M, L), priced at $85.

[Black Milk Clothing via Crave]