Asus ZenScreen May Be The Portable USB Monitor You’ve Always Wanted


We’ve seen portable USB monitors before, which allowed you to have a second screen while working on the road. And we’ve never really understood why they’ve never gone mainstream. Asus will be the one trying this time around with the ZenScreen.

Designed for portable use, the monitor measures just 8mm thin, ensuring you can squeeze it into a briefcase, along with your regular laptop. It comes with its own protective case, too, so no need to purchase extra cases to keep it free from nicks and scratches.


The Asus ZenScreen has a 15.6-inch IPS panel, with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1080p resolution. A hole on the lower corner allows you to insert a pen to use as a makeshift stand, although the accompanying cover also serve as a functional stand, with the monitor able to go in either landscape or portrait in both instances. It can identify whether it’s positioned in landscape or portrait, by the way, auto-rotating the output to the correct orientation (only for Windows, though), with a blue light filter setting that you can use to make it a little more sleep-friendly at night.


Do note, it doesn’t come with its own battery, so it will leech off from your laptop’s power, so make sure you have a charging solution on hand. It comes with a single USB Type-C connector that transmits both data and power using just a single line.

Available now, the ASUS Zenscreen is priced at $249.

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