Bad Painting Jams Cell Phones Covertly

Hate it when people keep fiddling with their cellphones during a meeting or class? Hang up this ugly painting and never hear a Tik Tok ringtone again. Called the Painting Cell Phone Jammer, this OEM contraption is rigged with all the hardware you need to kill all mobile phone transmissions within your immediate vicinity.

There’s nothing particularly special here. It’s basically just a generic painting with a full-fledged cell phone jammer inside the frame. That way, you can set the “art” up on a wall and not have anyone suspect a thing, all while everyone’s left scratching their heads, wondering why they couldn’t get a single bar of signal.

Designed to work on all GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS and 3G bands, the Painting Cell Phone Jammer uses four omni-directional antennas to kill all mobile signals in a circle within an 80-foot radius. Manufacturer claims it does so without infringing on any other electronic devices, so everything else can go on like business as usual. It comes with sensitivity controls for selective blocking of signals, so you can keep 3G on while pulling the plug on everything else – at least, until your torrent finishes downloading. An included remote also lets you turn the jammer on and off at will, which should make for some torturous entertainment, if you feel like messing with people in the room.

Of course, it’s illegal to block cell phone signals in many jurisdictions, so do this on the down-low in case you’re hoping to equip any space with one. There’s no way to limit the covered radius, though, so if you put one up in your workplace, you’ll likely be messing reception at the office upstairs, downstairs and next door too. Which is fun.

Sure, the actual art on the canvas is icky, but the Painting Cell Phone Jammer will get the job of shutting off irritating cell phones done. Price is $151.40.

[Chinavasion via Oh Gizmo]