Bellafit Bracelet Transforms Fitness Bands Into Sophisticated-Looking Jewelry


There’s no easy way to pass off a fitness band as a good-looking piece of jewelry – the darn things always look like either a sporty wristband or an unapologetic tech gadget. And given the many not-so-successful attempts at nicer-looking fitness trackers, that’s likely how it’s going to stay. At least, unless you accessorize your fitness accessory with the gorgeous Bellafit.

A stylish-looking brass bracelet, it’s a statement jewelry that’s designed to hold standard activity bands inside its structural frame, essentially letting you dress up your wearable device in something that’s a little more refined. The result is a surprisingly impressive combo that turns the otherwise sporty fitness band into a sophisticated-looking wrist adornment that should really complement most women’s styles.


Bellafit uses a structural wireframe design that ensures your fitness tracker stays visible the entire time, so you can easily glance at the integrated display as well as access any of the controls. In that sense, the bracelet actually complements the fitness band instead of hiding it – something they originally considered during the conceptual stages of the project. It’s made from nickel-free brass, so it should hold up to daily wear, with a finish of either 14K gold, rose gold (which reminds us, we totally blame Apple for bringing rose gold to consumer tech), or palladium coating really rounding out the jewelry’s aesthetic.

To use, simply put on your activity band as you normally would. Once it’s clasped, you then take the bracelet and wear it over the band. Both putting on and taking off can be done using one hand, so you can turn your boring fitness band into a more stunning wrist candy even while walking, driving the car, or holding a cup of coffee.


Three sizes of Bellafit bracelets are available (Light, Edge, and Space), each of which are sized to hold different models of fitness trackers. Bellafit Light is designed for minimalist-styled bands, such as the Fitbit Flex series, the Fitbit Alta, and the Garmin Vivosmart, while Edge is designed to hold slightly wider bands, such as the Xiaomi MiBand series, the Garmin Vivosmart 3, and the Fitbit Alta HR. The last one, called Space, is sized to accommodate all the other bands that aren’t likely to fit in the first two, such as Sony’s Smartband series, Polar’s Loop models, and Garmin’s Vivosmart HR. According to the outfit, their bracelets have been tested to be compatible with over 20 models of fitness bands from Fitbit, Garmin, Sony, Polar, Jawbone, and Xiaomi.


Do note, the bracelets look to be marketed strictly to women (just based on the lifestyle photos on both the crowdfunding page and the company website), so we’re guessing it will look a bit awkward when worn by guys. Then again, fashion-capable dudes (a category, in which, I do not belong) have pulled off wearing women’s accessories many times before, so if you’re up to the challenge, it does sound like quite the interesting addition to anyone’s fashion arsenal.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Bellafit. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $60.

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