Billboard Tarpaulins Put Race Cars, Tractors and Planes In Your Garage


Your garage may be a trash heap inside, but that doesn’t mean it has to look like one.  Style Your Garage fashions billboard tarpaulins that will stand in your garage’s entryway to make it look like all sorts of things, from an airport hangar with a plane inside the structure to an open garage with a parked F1 car.

Essentially a costume for your windows, the colorful tarps are intended to dress up your ugly garage panel and fool onlookers into giving it a second glance.  Was that really a plane in that garage?   Did you see that Ferrari parked in that piece of shit house around the corner?   Can you believe they’re keeping a tractor at the neighbors’ house?


Unquestionably cheeky yet infinitely cool, the printed tarpaulins are designed to wrap around the door, where it fastens securely using industrial velcro.  The default size fits perfectly into a single-panel garage, but they also sell unified designs for larger two-bay and three-bay systems.


Dozens of designs are available from the site, including numerous vehicles, animals, various scenes and even robots.  You’ll have to install them yourself, with detailed instructions (including how to cut the tarpaulin for sectionals) available with your order.  Each single-bay billboard is available now for the equivalent of $275 apiece.

Thanks Style Your Garage