Bixpy SUP Jet Instantly Turns Any SUP Board Into A Motorized Watercraft


Paddleboarding is fun, but having to paddle non-stop to stay moving can be tiresome. What if you just want to stand on a board and enjoy the coastal sights while moving at a leisurely pace? We guess that’s when you install the Bixpy SUP Jet.

To the unfamiliar, Bixpy is an outfit that produces a product called Bixpy Jet – a portable motor that you can carry while swimming to propel you in the water. They use that exact same motor for the SUP version, albeit with a larger battery hooked up to it, allowing you to motorize any SUP right on the spot.


To install the Bixpy SUP Jet, simply remove the SUP’s middle fin and insert the motor in its place. From there, you just set the battery box down on the board, hook it up to the motor, and you’re set. It comes with a wireless remote that’s worn on the wrist for switching the motor on and off, as well as controlling speed, although you’ll still have to perform the actual steering using your paddle and your body weight just like usual. The motor can run both forwards and backwards, so you get plenty of maneuverability options, with ten forward speed settings and three reverse speed settings. Max speed is 6mph.


Features include up to six hours of battery life (although that goes down to one hour when used exclusively at top speed), buoyant components (both battery box and remote will float in water), marine-grade stainless steel parts, and a kill leash for emergency shutdown. The battery pack, by the way, is easily detachable, making it easy to switch to a new one to keep the fun going.

Slated to come out in February of next year, the Bixpy SUP Jet is priced at $750.

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