Boomer Rechargeable Bike Light Juices Via USB

If you use your bicycle at all when night sets in, having a bike light is an absolute necessity.  The sucky thing is, all the ones I’ve seen typically require being fitted with disposable batteries, which is perennially a hassle.  Not so with the Boomer Rechargeable, which can draw juice by simply plugging into your computer’s USB port.

Made by bike accessories company, Knog, the lighting instrument comes in a plastic core that houses the electronics and LEDs, wrapped in a stretchy silicone material.  Slip the skin off and you’ll find the USB plug, which you can insert into any of the multitude of outlets available for powering your electronics.

The Boomer Rechargeable comes in pairs, one for the front and one for the rear.   Front unit measures 62 x 33 x 30 mm, weighs 42 grams and comes armed with a super-bright white LED that puts out up to 55 lumens.  Rear unit, on the other hand, measures slightly bigger, with a central red LED and two peripheral flash LEDs with 15 lumens.

Both have a battery discharge feature integrated into the electronics, stretching the lights’ steady burn time for 3.5 hours and flashing time for up to 12 hours.  Features include a low battery indicator in the lens, five modes (strobe flash, strobe pulse, random strobe, steady and storage) and a choice of six skin colors.

Website lists the Knog Boomer Rechargeable as “coming soon,” so there’s no price yet.      Expect it to be a bit more expensive than the non-rechargeable Boomer’s $35 retail price, though.