Brick-A-Pic Helps You Turn Any Photo Into A LEGO Mosaic

People have been using LEGO to create pixelated 2D artwork for years now.  So far, though, if you want to build custom mosaics, you’ll have to tap into your creativity (assuming you have some) and fashion one completely from scratch using trial and error.  Brick-A-Pic is an upcoming service looking to change that.

Using a proprietary software, the service can take any image you upload and process it into a virtual mosaic using nothing but LEGO’s available colors.  You can then download the virtual design and use it as reference to build an actual mosaic using the large brick collection in your Lay-n-Go, as well as order a complete kit, which includes full instructions, a baseplate, and all the LEGO bricks you need to finish the set.

Brick-A-Pic comes in three standard sizes: 16 x 16 (256 bricks), 32 x 32 (1,024 bricks), and 48 x 48 (2,304 bricks).  They also offer custom sizes up to 5,000 pixels, although you’ll have to make do putting them together across multiple baseplates rather than a single large one.  Each of the baseplates come with connectors for plugging in all the bricks, so putting together your mosaic is just a matter of arranging the bricks based on the virtual model.

As of now, the service has the software to convert photos into virtual mosaics.  They’re currently raising funding on Kickstarter to develop an online editor (so people can revise their mosaics if they want to change things up), as well as build up an inventory of LEGO bricks.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $60.

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