Beat The Summer Like An Avenger With This Captain America USB Mini-Fan


I’ve never seen the value in those little USB fans that sent an ignorable amount of air your way to help cool you down. Turns out, its real value is being the perfect accessory for being dressed up like the Star-Spangled Avenger’s shield like InfoThink’s Captain America 3 USB Fan so capably demonstrates.

That’s right, someone made a mini-fan in the likeness of Cap’s favorite weapon of choice, so you can keep your Marvel fandom alive while slaving away at the office cubicle all day. Since it’s a fan, your boss can’t just tell you to take the toys from your desk away, since you need it to keep cool and stay productive. Yeah, that definitely sounds valid.


The InfoThink Captain America 3 USB Fan has a fan head measuring around 3.9 inches, so it shouldn’t take all that much space on crowded workstations. While the product page touts a “high-efficacy motor,” we recommend not relying on this to actually cool you down, but it does make for a great way to enjoy Cap’s spinning shield (sort of) on your desk all throughout the day. And, yes, it operates quietly, so it shouldn’t cause a noise concern when used around the office. It comes with three legs, with the third long one also doubling as a handle.


Available now, the InfoThink Captain America 3 USB Fan is priced at $66.

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