This Ultralight Backpacking Table Can Flat-Pack Into The Size Of A Brochure


It’s more like a slightly elevated platform than an actual table. Despite that, there’s a good chance the Cascade Wild Ultralight Backpacking Table will become a staple part of your backcountry stash, with its ability to keep your gear off the ground while packing flat into a compact bundle.

Aimed at outdoorsmen who prefer to pack light, the folding table collapses into a slim pile measuring 12 x 4 x 0.75 inches (height x width x depth) – the perfect size to fit in the side pouches of most any backpack. Heck, you can squeeze it in there even with a water bottle wedged in, ensuring you can carry it even with a full load in tow.


Once set up, the Cascade Wild Ultralight Backpacking Table provides a table top measuring 12 x 8 inches, so it’s big enough to be used for food prep, cooking, and a whole load of activities in the wild. Unlike real tables, it only elevates the work top 3.25 inches off the ground, so you’ll likely have to kneel down to do any work on the darn thing.


Construction is plastic, so it can brush off both water and stains, all while being reasonably durable. Features include a melting point of 324 degrees Fahrenheit (so you can place a camping stove on top with no problem), a weight capacity of 10 pounds, and an ergonomic design that allows it to straddle load no matter the placement.


Available now, the Cascade Wild Ultralight Backpacking Table is priced at $9.99.

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