Every Evil Feline Deserves Her Own Cat Cave

It’s way too easy to find pictures and videos of cats being absolute jerks, which is why I’ve always believed that cats will make the perfect supervillains of the animal kingdom.  Now, those supervillain cats can have the matching headquarters to fit their evil-mongering lifestyle: the Cat Cave.

A dome-shaped cat house, it comes adorned with matching cat ears on top, so everyone can know this is where the baddest, meanest, jerkiest animal in the house lays her head.  Whether she’s snoozing, amusing herself, or making plans for household domination, this is where humans can reach her for all their pathetic pet-bonding needs.

The Cat Cave is handmade from eco-friendly felted wool, with an interior that the creator claims is completely cozy and comfortable.  It comes in four different sizes, so whether you have tiny kittens or monstrous tomcats, there’s a fitting, cat ears-wearing supervillain lair that can accommodate them.  Since creator AgnesFelt felts her own wool, the beds can be fashioned in a variety of colors (you can even request custom hues), so you can probably find one that matches up with both your cat’s personality and your dig’s interiors.

Oh yeah, just in case you’re in a pinch for a Halloween costume, this thing looks like it can make for a nice cat mask, too.  Simply cut a hole in the bottom that can fit your head and you’ve got an instant Halloween costume.  Of course, your evil cat will likely take the loss of his home very personally, so expect some nasty things (like a soiled bed or broken plates) when you get back home all drunk from a Halloween party.

Available now, pricing for the Cat Cave starts at $109.

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