Chapfix, A Less-Girly Lip Balm For Men

Men don’t use lip balm.  Okay, sometimes we need to.  But, you gotta admit, every time your mountaineering buddy starts rolling one right after you’ve scaled a high rock, laughing at his metrosexual ass is all but mandatory.

How do you keep your manly pride while keeping away chafed, chapped, sunburned, cracked and windburned lips?  There’s never any guarantee you won’t get laughed at, but you might want to try Chapfix, a waxy moisture-sealant designed specifically for the uglier members of the species.

Created to fill a longstanding void in the market, the product adds a fourth option to your traditional lip moisturizing options of either a classic stick, a squeeze tube or a small tub.  Clad in a flat shape that looks like a lighter, it puts no added bulk to your pocket.  Plus, the low-profile container hardly looks like a lip balm, so you can sneakily apply it when your buddies aren’t looking.

Chapfix uses a unique balm formula that thankfully does away with the cherry taste and other accompanying put-ons of the girl-targeted varieties.  Unique balm formula includes all-natural ingredients, such as beeswax, mineral oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E.  It’s also got SPF15 with UVA/UVB protection and is PABA-free.

Will we stop making fun of men who use lip balm?  Probably not.  At least, your lip balm looks and tastes more manly than Joey and his Cherry Chap Stick over there.  Plus, your lips won’t have to taste the same as the girl you’re kissing.  I mean, that’s just wrong.  The Chapfix is available for $10.